Since 1967 Edmonton has added fluoride into our city drinking water.  The E.L Smith water treatment plant is currently undergoing an upgrade that will require the huge fluoride tanks to be replaced.  While these tanks are being switched out, fluoride will no longer be added to the water, impacting around 280,000 customers in the city. 

*Will the water remain safe to drink?

Yes! – The water will still be safe to drink, and residents shouldn’t notice a change in the taste.  Not all cities add fluoride to the water, for example Calgary has not had fluoride in their water since 2011.

*How long is this expected to last?

The fluoride interruption is expected to last 7-10 months while replacing the tanks.  The space is quite tight, so it must be done in stages. 

*Why was fluoride added in the first place?

          Fluoride has been proven to strengthen enamel, reduce acid in the mouth and rebuild minerals that build strong teeth.  It is believed that by adding it to the water supply it would cause a decline in cavities and tooth decay.

*How will this affect my dental health?

          The Alberta Dental Association and College says that going without fluoridated water for seven months is unlikely to have a significant effect on Edmontonians’ dental health.  Children with developing teeth may want to see a dentist for fluoride supplements or a fluoride treatment as it does help to build permanent teeth much stronger.

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It is recommended that families use toothpaste with fluoride and eat healthy low sugar foods to prevent cavities during this time and in general.  Those living around the Rossdale water treatment plant will still get fluoride in their water.  Remember fluoridated water does not replace regular dental care but is an additional measure to prevent tooth decay.  Make sure to keep your regularly scheduled appointments with

your dentist and still drink plenty of water.

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