Better oral health on a budget- tips from your Downtown Edmonton family dentist

Many of us are just receiving the bills from all that holiday spending, which will mean strict budgeting for the month ahead. We’re also aware that many in our community are on a fixed income, or don’t have dental coverage, which can make maintaining good oral health a challenge. However, since more and more studies are linking poor oral health to conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke, it’s important that everyone make their dental health a priority. Below are some tips and tricks to keep your mouth healthy while on a budget.

Don’t skip visits

It may be tempting to skip one of those bi-yearly dental visits for check ups and cleanings, especially if everything “feels” fine. But maintaining those recommended visits can almost certainly save you money in the long run. Regular cleanings will remove plaque and tartar build up and lessen your chances of developing decay and gum disease. Also, by catching problems early on you will save on more costly treatments down the road.  If you don’t have insurance or if your coverage is limited, try setting aside a small amount of money each month.

Choose the right products

You can easily get a high quality brush and toothpaste for under $10. Make sure your toothpaste contains fluoride, which will work to keep cavities at bay. If you are prone to cavities, ask your family dentist about a special high fluoride paste.

Look for a toothbrush that has soft or ultra soft bristles- brushing with a toothbrush that’s too coarse can cause irritation or even receding gums in the future.


We can’t say it often enough. Flossing is one of the best things you can do for your mouth and it only costs pennies a day.

Eat right

What does diet have to do with oral health? Alot! Your teeth and gums need vitamins and minerals such as the B  vitamins, vitamin C, magnesium and calcium to maintain optimal health. These nutrients can be found in fresh fruits and vegetables as well as whole grains and low fat dairy. These foods are widely available and generally cheaper than most fast food options. The rest of your body will thank you as well. Also, try to avoid sugary and processed foods and drinks, which will lead to cavities. Avoid very crunchy foods and chewing on non-foods such as ice, which can cause your teeth to break and can cause damage to dental restorations.

Limit nicotine and alcohol

Smoking and drinking alcohol excessively can damage your teeth. If you need help quitting smoking please feel free to speak with us. If you do drink, try to limit the amount and brush your teeth afterwards.

If you are in the Edmonton area, call or come in to book your cleaning and exam with our friendly and gentle Edmonton dentist today.

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