5 foods that are good for your teeth | Illuminada Dental- General Dentist in Edmonton, Alberta

We all know that we should cut down on sweets and sugary drinks in order to avoid cavities, and that beverages like red wine and coffee can contribute to staining. Of course, we all indulge from time to time. Why not take a moment to focus on foods that are actually good for your teeth? Below is a list of 5 foods that, in addition to a good oral hygiene regimen, may help your pearly whites stay healthy.


Cheese lovers take heart; cheese is high in Vitamin D and calcium, both of which are great for maintaining strong, healthy teeth.

Yogurt or Kefir

Both of these foods contain calcium as well as beneficial bacteria known as probiotics. For optimal benefit, choose unsweetened varieties.

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a good source of vitamin C and A, which are good for gum health. In fact, vitamin C can help reduce swelling and bleeding gums, and may help prevent gingivitis.


Crunchy foods like celery are good for stimulating saliva, which can help provide your teeth with some natural cavity protection. Celery is also low calorie and free of sugar, so feel free to snack away!

Leafy greens

We should all be eating our greens for overall health. Vegetables such as spinach, cabbage, romaine lettuce and kale contain calcium and magnesium, which contribute to strong bones and teeth. That might give you a reason to choose the salad over the soup next time you go for dinner! While there are many ‘greens’ supplements on the market, eating leafy greens in their natural state has a lot of benefits for the rest of your body, such as increased fiber intake. So be like Popeye and grab some spinach! Or whichever leafy green vegetables you like.

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