Not only is the office filled with intricately wrought artwork, but the fish pond and toy sections are a big hit with my kids. Dr. Jou is one of the most professional, yet down-to-earth dentists I’ve ever met. I’d recommend the experience to anyone.
hm Kim

Great service and very quick! Dr. J was very friendly and efficient. My wisdom teeth extraction was fast and painless. Front desk is very helpful as well, Andrea answered all my questions regarding my insurance coverage and was patient about it.
Laura B.

The Illuminada Dental is a great little clinic, very handy to the residents of Oliver. Dr. Jou is really friendly, personable and straightforward. On my most recent visit, faced with a cavity, he provided me a few options for fixing it and I found that respectable. The hygenists are also very friendly and thorough, explaining every step of their procedures. The administrative staff is also welcoming and efficient. I have never had to wait at is clinic, which is something I value since I often have to leave work to come to the appointments. Ideally, the clinic would ofer some evening hours, but perhaps we will see that in the future!
Emily B.

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